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Part of an experienced team of Licensed clinicians treating and servicing behaviorally challenged patients residing in Nursing homes and Assisted Living communities. Enjoy the satisfaction of witnessing first hand the visible growth and change in cognitive behaviors while simultaneously helping our patients families learn to communicate with their loved ones by implementing practical plans and support groups. Management prides itself in working all the clinicians as a team to ensure a proper care plan is always in place.

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Senior Care Therapy is a great company to work for. The flexibility is just one great aspect. Management is professional and encouraging, providing a pleasant work environment. I can not say enough good things about this company.

Awesome Company!

SCT is transparent company and there is a lot of flexibility in scheduling. It is easy to find something to fit with professional and personal life. The work has taken on even greater meaning during COVID.

Total Professionals

A typical day at work includes having the independence to make your own schedule and routine in serving others while getting paid. Working with SCT provides the opportunity to learn so much about the aging population and inspires one to learn more on their own time to support the work. Management could not be more supportive and available; they are like a "work family" really and want their team to succeed while providing quality service. The workplace culture varies on the building you service but the home base of the company itself is positive, supportive and present through emails (with calls and texts as needed and more face to face contact initially to start a clinician off). It can be a bit overwhelming initially but hang in there as it really comes together like an old hat. The hardest part of the job is wishing to not have to do the paperwork although it really is not that hard and is essential and then needing to make sure to set aside to pay taxes if not a salaried employee. But the best part of the job is meeting with the residents and knowing you are helping others yet having a tremendous amount of freedom and independence with things like scheduling, how you coordinate your practice and not needing to attend all the meetings and dealing with the bureaucracy that so often is present in many companies. The job is what you make of it from being an addition to your life as it is or building it to become your main work staple.

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