Memory Boosting Foods For Seniors Really Helps Them

memory boosting foods

Memory boosting foods really helps seniors not only improve their brain health but also increases their energy level and strengthens their heart.   Foods we eat not only affect our bodies, they also impact our brains. Memory, moods, stress levels, and anxiety are all affected by the foods we eat.   For example, one of…

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Fast Food A Favorite Daily Meal Choice Of Senior Citizens

Fast food meals are a favorite daily diet of senior citizens according to study results reported by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Furthermore, the statistics show that thirty three per cent of American adults eat fast food on any given day. This, even though, the constant dire warnings about its bad impact…

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Serotonin The Happy Brain Chemical Fights Depression


Serotonin is a critical brain chemical that is also found in blood platelets and the bowels. It is referred to as the ‘happy chemical’ because it increases happiness and good mood.   In addition to being a mood enhancer, it is also responsible for other functions in the body. For example, it transmits messages between…

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Senate Bill Gives Federal Aid To States That Expanded Medicaid

senate bill

A Senate bill introduced by three Democratic senators this week would give 14 states Federal funding for their Medicaid programs. These 14 states have until now not expanded their Medicaid program as entitled by the Affordable Care Act. This legislation is offered by Democratic Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine of Virginia and Doug Jones…

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Retirees Very Concerned With Long Term Healthcare Expenses


Retirees who are senior citizens,  are extremely concerned about their long-term health care expenses, according to a recent T. Rowe Price survey.   Specifically, seventy-two percent of retirees are anxious about their long-term care expenses such as nursing home care and home healthcare. Healthcare expenses are the most frequently cited spending concern by the respondents. …

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Sleep Deprivation Increases Your Risk For Heart Attack And Stroke

sleep deprivation

Persistent sleep deprivation can increase your risk for a heart attack and stroke, a new study finds. In fact, this new research shows that it’s not only how many hours you sleep, but also the quality of it as well.     Previous research showed that getting enough sleep is critical in maintaining overall health. And…

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Normal Forgetting or Alzheimer’s, Can You Tell The Difference?

Normal forgetting or is it the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease? How can you tell the difference? Currently, 40 per cent of people age 65+ experience some form of memory loss. If no medical condition is found, then it’s classified as “age-associated memory impairment.” And such forgetting is considered a part of the normal aging process.  …

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